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What's To Come

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Birthday Games

We are creating a place where that provides all sorts of opportunities for residents of the greater Mount Carmel community. This Community Center will be the first of it's kind for the area and offer many activities and services not found anywhere in the area. Therefore the community center is poised to become an essential piece of the community which will help the area as it revives and grows. 

Family Board Game


Residents will gather in the Community Center to enjoy movie nights, trivia, bingo, board games, birthday parties, teen hangouts, block parties, and more! Summer camp programs and daycare will engage even the youngest members of our community!

Playing Foosball
Art Class


Wishing there was an art class available for residents? We got it covered! Residents will be able to take advantage of classes in art, cooking, and digital communication skills! Special guests will provide unique educational engagements so that the community can acquire new skills and perspectives!



Learn about other cultures and their traditions while enjoying their music and food. Gain an appreciation for other cultures through engaging activities such as a merengue dance workshop, a presentation on Scotland, or an origami lesson.

People Dancing

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